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Post by Artemis on Sat Mar 16, 2013 4:00 pm

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Welcome Guest to Rosaleena's Biography! Go ahead and continue reading!

The Pack's Old Alphess (Orginal Version of TSP) 353374601_ff1833adef

Name: Rosaleena
Nickname(s): Rose, Rosa, Rosey
Age: 3 Years
Gender: Female
Crush: No one
Mate: Lightning
Pup(s): Sheeba, Oliver, Daisy
Rank: Alpha Female
Rank Wanted: Epicness Alpha
Rosaleena was named after her mother who saved her old pack from death several times.

Coat Length: Medium
Pelt Color: Cream/blonde
Eye Color: Blazing Purple
Markings: If you look closely, you'll see a mix of whites, tans, and greys throughout her body. From a distance, all you see is blonde.
Scars: Scar on hind left leg, invisible in think fur.
Build: Rosa is quite a muscular wolf, easily beating other wolves in fights. She is fit and healthy, with long legs meant for running at her top speeds for long periods of time.
Rosaleena hates running.

The Pack's Old Alphess (Orginal Version of TSP) 2i7wd5k

Likes: Pups, running, hunting, tree climbing
Dislikes: Annoying pack members, bears, and rabid wolves
Habits: Climbs up in trees and falls asleep
Talents: Swimming, tree climbing, hunting
Fears: Not being a good pack leader
Overall Personality: Rosa is a fun loving wolf who loves to goof around. She is only serious when she needs to be. She tries to avoid fights, for she is a peaceful wolf. She is strict when giving orders, and only does things that are best for the pack. She is extremely smart, always knowing what's best. She respects all of her fellow pack members, even if they get on her bad side.
It's really hard to get on her bad side, but if you do, good luck getting out.

History: Rosa was born in Yellowstone National Park, and at a certain age she left and arrived at the coast of California. She was shipped off to Hawaii, on her own to survive.
One fine spring day, a litter of pups was born. There was one girl and three boys. The girl was named Rosaleena after her mother and because of her beauty. The three boys were Leo, Shep, and Dingo. They lived a peaceful life as a pack of 24, but at the age of 2, trouble started.

Every two-year-old male wolf in Yellowstone found out about Rosa's existence and beauty. Soon, dozens of male wolves were coming into Rosa's pack's territory, making her father, the Alpha Male, proud and angry at the same time. He was proud that his daughter was likely to live a happy life in her own pack, but angry because of all these dispersal wolves crossing the borders. Luckily his pack was very big; he made a rule where any he-wolves who wanted to be her mate had to fight to the death until only one remained. Anyone who even spoke or came near Rosa before the fights ended were eaten alive by Rosa's pack mates.

The battles were taking forever... too long. Rosa was already 2 and 1/2 and there were still many alive suitors left, still fighting for her love. Disgusted with all the blood and gore, Rosaleena made an escape with the help of her mother, who also didn't approve of all this fighting. One male wolf, who was waiting for his turn to fight, saw them escape and secretly followed them; and later joined them. The three wolves traveled for days until they reached the coast, by the time that happened Rosa had fallen in love with the male wolf, who has known as Kiba. Kiba was a very handsome wolf; he was a grey wolf with blazing ice blue eyes.

Not long after that, Rosa's mother died of old age. Rosa and Kiba howled together to honor her, with tears flooding out of their eyes. Soon Kiba asked Rosa to be his mate, and Rosa accepted his offer. They went searching for days for a den and a territory, and they finally found one. When they did, it was winter, so in the spring there was a litter of pups. The pups were named Sheeba, Oliver, and Daisy; two girls and one boy. Rosa loved her mate and their pups; life couldn't get any better.

But, as their pups grew older and older, more and more trouble started happening with them and the humans that lived close by. The humans were getting angry at them for an unknown reason, and the government heard the humans' complains. The government hired two people to kill or move them to a different location, and they were known as David Tisch and Gabriel Antonio.

Luckily for Rosa and her pack, these humans didn't believe in killing wolves. Instead, they caught the pack, one by one, and put them each in a cage. Rosa in her own cage, Kiba and Oliver in another, and Daisy in another, and Sheeba in her own. Sheeba was put in a local zoo, later becoming famous and a very popular animal there. Daisy was shipped off to somewhere in Russia, and Kiba and Oliver were taken to Alaska to be tamed and serve as sled dogs.

There was a major typo when the humans were deciding where to transport Rosa; they meant to type in Washington, but David accidentally had the wrong tab up when he typed in Washington. He only had two tabs up; one for Rosa's future location and one for his vacation. He was planning on going to Hawaii for a vacation, but because he typed in Washington instead, he had to spend two weeks in someplace cold.

On the flip side, Rosa was put into an airplane going to Hawaii. When she got there, she was heartbroken and insisted on finding her pack. She didn't care where she was; all she wanted was her pack back. As the weeks passed by, Rosa has traveled on most of the island with no sign of her pack. Crying her eyes out, she found some land and claimed it, starting a pack to help her on her quest for survival on this tropical Earth.

Theme Songs: "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction; "Wide Awake" by Katy Perry

The Pack's Old Alphess (Orginal Version of TSP) 35ako5v

Rosa's current location: unknown.

The Pack's Old Alphess (Orginal Version of TSP) PCpAg1y


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