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Post by Artemis on Thu Mar 14, 2013 8:48 pm

The Shadow Clan is strict, mysterious, intelligent, and roams in the darkness of the shadows. They live in the more rain forest like parts of the territory, so they can blend in. They are often darker-pelted wolves with bright eyes such as blood red, cyan, or yellow. The average size of these wolves are larger than most wolves in Ocean, and they usually have thinner coats and are excellent at never making a sound. The Meeks usually take more disrespect from the Subordinates and always have to bow down to the Elites.

Clan colors: Black, forest green, deep turquoise, and navy blue
Clan theme: The dark and stalking in the shadows
Clan motto: "Don't let them see you, or else..."

The Elites

Deity The most powerful wolf of the entire pack--including both clans. She has the most authority and even the Athorns will listen to her. She goes back and forth in between the two clans, not just sticking with one.

Athorn The second in charge (Alpha's). They have complete control of their clan and they let the Deity take over when she comes. Everyone listens and respects them. There are only two Athorns in each clan (male and female).

Assistant The Assistants are like the "Betas" of their clan. They have great authority over most wolves, but not all. They have high respect for their Athorns and Deity. When both of those wolves aren't around or simply step down, the Assistants step up.

Didiza The Didiza's are like the "Delta's" of their clan. They are most likely the Deity, Athorn, os Assistants' pup. They are being trained to take over a high rank when they are older (yearling age) and are the third in charge.

The Subordinates

Recruit The Recruits are like the warriors of the clans. They fight and keep the pack safe, and don't think twice about leaping into battle. They have high respect and lots of the Elites' trust, and the Lead Recruit if often known as the General.

Hunter They are the main supplier of food. They are only in Shadow Clan and they stalk their prey (red meat only) without a sound, then they attack. They are very smart and will herd their prey into a corner of some sort, then finish it off there.

Seiliu The Seiliu are the medics (healers) of the clans. They have great knowledge of plants and the world around them, and making a mistake when healing would be beyond unacceptable for them. The Lead Seiliu is often called the Shaman.

Eraow The Eraow are the "Scouts" of the clans. They search around the territory making sure that no threats or anything else are around. They have the best noses in the pack and their eyesight and hearing are incredible.

The Meeks

Morath The Morath are like the howlers of the clans. Their howling is beautiful and the Athorns and Assistants tell them what to howl to tell the other clan the news around the territory. They are led by the Lead Morath, which has the prettiest howl.

Yimello The Yimello are the pup-sitters of nannies of their clan. They have a specialty in only raising and understanding pups. If a pup disappears or is killed by a predator, then the Yimello take the blame.

Oleald The Olealds are like the omegas of the clan. They are at the very bottom, and are expected to help out the other ranks (except for healing). They get this rank by inactivity, rule breaking, or anything else the Elites don't like.

The Rankless

Yearling The yearlings are the wolves that are ages 1-2. They are deciding which rank they want to serve the pack as, and once they have decided the Athorns must approve. Then, a wolf will be assigned to the yearling to teach them about that rank.

Pup The pups are the future generation of the clans. They are aged 0-1 years, then they will become a yearling. Until then, they are being watched by their parents and the rest of the clan. Everyone protects them with their life.


PMotM The pack member of the month.

Pack Friend The Pack Friends are not allowed to rp or enter contests.

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