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Rules of the Roleplay Empty Rules of the Roleplay

Post by Artemis on Thu Mar 14, 2013 6:28 pm

Please read this to keep you out of trouble from the rp.

No God-Modding
Everyone hates a power-player. Everyone. It can get you into lots of trouble on this website, so simp,y don't do it. If you aren't completely sure what power-playing means, look here. There will be no excuses for power-play, and constantly doing it can result in a kick/ban.

Act Appropriately
There are kids on this website, people. Please avoid any inappropriate in rp whether is its your mate, pups, a low ranks, anyone. If I catch any inappropriate words the user will get a permanent ban from this pack. I know, seems a little cheap, but simply don't act that way in rp.

Pups and Mates
For a mate you must pm me asking about it first and I must approve before you may ask a wolf to be your mate in rp. If I catch that, the person who asked the other wolf will be banned from having a mate for a month. And pups will be born when all pup slots are filled, until then the females will be expecting.

Rules of the Roleplay PCpAg1y


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