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Artemis is the Deity and the founder of the Tropical Skies Pack Reborn.

Radar is the Ocean Clan male Athorn of the Tropical Skies Pack Reborn.
Breeze is the Ocean Clan female Athorn of the Tropical Skies Pack Reborn.
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The Tropical Skies Pack's History

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The Tropical Skies Pack's History

Post by Artemis on Thu Mar 14, 2013 8:26 pm

There was a strong pack living in Hawaii known as the Tropical Skies Pack. It was lead by their great ruler, Rosaleena. The pack was very strong; over seventy members at its peak. It was a great pack, and no one was mistreated. No regrets in life could be found here.

But, all great things come to an end eventually. Rosaleena ran off, her current location unknown. Chaos fell in the lands of TSP. High ranks were overthrown, and it was every wolf for him or herself. Many wolves were badly injured and some have even seen to have completely left the island. You could see a blanket of endless darkness in the skies.

But, one wolf stepped up to bring it back. This wolf was known as Artemis, and she is said to be from the Loner Gang of Winter Mountain, but she had left before the first time TSP fought them. She was known to have hated the ways of the loners, so she had left. She was living on her own, hunting prey... getting stronger.

The Tropical Skies Pack Reborn believes that this wolf had run into Rosaleena after she disappeared, and it was like Rosa knew that this wolf was meant for great things. Rosa nodded to the wolf, giving her permission, then ran off.

Artemis traveled the way that Rosa had come from, and saw the chaos from the remains of the original Tropical Skies Pack. So, she got the wolves under control, and the chaos stopped. The wolves fell under her rule... and treated her like their leader. Artemis divided the pack into two clans, naming them Ocean Clan and Shadow Clan. She put herself on top, having complete control over both clans. She renamed most ranks, and created an entirely new social structure. The pack has been living in peace ever since.



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