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Hello there! Welcome to the official website for the Tropical Skies Pack: Reborn! I welcome you to look around if you'd like and only sign up if you've gotten my permission to do so.

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General Rules of the Forum Empty General Rules of the Forum

Post by Artemis on Wed Mar 13, 2013 10:47 pm

Hey, make sure to read all these rules to keep you out of trouble on the forum. ^^

Respect everyone here
I do not care if someone is mean to you in rp. Do not take it personal. But, in ooc (out of character) you must be respectful to everyone. No matter their rank, name, or anything. I do not want to find out that someone has been bullying someone else. And that's final. If you are having a conflict, pm me (I won't me mad) and I'll do my best to sort it out.

Stay active!
This is what got the original TSP shut down; due to inactivity. Please try to stay active, logging in once a day would be great. However, if your going on vacation (etc) and do not have access to a computer or internet, please request an EFA and you won't have to worry. But, do not request an EFA if you know you're never going to log in again--EFA's last for 3 months maximum.

Leaving the pack
It is ok if you leave the pack. I understand. But, please do not stop logging in and keep everyone guessing. You must either say that you are leaving via post or pm. It's just easier for me that way. I won't be mad if you leave; everyone will be sad instead. So please, don't be afraid to tell me that you are leaving and just tell me.

SPAM means stupid, pointless, annoying, messages. Don't do it. It's a waste of time and everyone hates dealing with it. On this website, spam means posting under three words in your posts (unless its a game), posting less than two sentences in your rp posts, double posting, etc. More definitions of spam can be found on the website.

Our site if for 12+
If you're younger than that, please take a look around the forum just to make sure if suits your comfortably level. Cursing is allowed; just not in every post. And no saying inappropriate words for yes, there are smaller kids on here. All ages are welcome.

Please use correct English
English is the only language allowed on the website, and you must use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I understand if you're not a complete English speaker, so it's ok if you make these mistakes as long as you're trying your best. And, please don't use text chat (unless in the chatbox); be should not see: & de she-wolf ran thru de 4est on her skoutin misson. None of that. It gets annoying and incredibly hard to read your posts.

If you'd like to join, I would like for you to know that signing up on the site is mandatory. No exceptions. If you're delayed need your parents' permission to sign up or whatever, please do it as soon as possible, because we're all waiting for you on our forum! Thanks for reading the rules; the secret words is cupcakes.

General Rules of the Forum PCpAg1y


Never be bullied into silence
Never allow yourself to be made a victim
Accept no one's definition of your life
Define yourself


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